Reversal Of Fortune

Andrew Macdonald

20 November 2001 17:58

St Ives

Dear Mr Vilejelly,
You are Paul Kelly and I claim my 5 pounds...................
Or maybe not.
But, a brilliant website, which we shall watch with interest.
We're from Norfolk, where climbing the kerb is rarely attempted without oxygen.  Norfolk, as you may recall Noel Coward remarking, is very flat.  Unlike the coastal path to Zennor. 
Had we seen your website before stepping out lightly for Zennor the Saturday before last, we'd probably have looked at your lovely sun-drenched pictures, then at the sky , then said "Bugger it" and retired to the pub.  We didn't.  We got wet.  We got cold. We got attacked by gorse bushes.  We got a severe overdose of geography.  And finally, oh bliss! we got to the Tinners, and two pints and a taxi ride later, back to St Ives.
Seriously, we had walking boots, waterproofs, map, water, biccies, etc.  Without the first two or three we'd have been stuffed - I wonder how many people set out without any/all of these and find themselves an hour or so later promising any divine being who may be listening that they'll never ever do it again if only DB will get them home NOW!
If you're running out of things to do in St Ives, can I, as a fully paid up member of the RSPB, suggest an allcomers herring gull kicking contest.  One of the buggers swiped half my pasty and I hope it choked him.  Didn't do me a lot of good either.

Yes, we're utterly sick of them as well. Commonly regarded as winged vermin around here. They are more evil than Jelly's laundry basket but we are currently not allowed to fight back. Lot's of people (particularly the unwary visitor) have suffered at the beaks of the vicious sod's (see Care In The Community) and we are hoping if we get enough complaints from the all-mighty, all-wonderful, all-billpaying tourist the local authorities will rise up and defend the town.

Otherwise, at the current rate of expansion future generations will have to visit historic, picturesque St. Ives in armoured cars!

Our friend Trevor (clay swilling, rolly drinking, beer slinging etc etc) seems to have been having a run of bad luck on the meat draw lately.  Not a thing last Saturday week when we were there and not for several weeks previously apparently.  Wish him luck from us if you see him in the Sloop looking despondent next Friday.

Well, we had a good sesh down the Sloop last Friday but, sad to say, Trevor's uncanny powers have yet to re-manifest themselves. Still, at least he's actually won a few things in the past, we've still won the sum total of bugger all.

Talking of which, I am thinking of devoting more time to an in-depth analysis of the relative merits of the Sloop and the Lord Nelson in Southwold.  Thinking very hard.
Great site.

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