Helen Bristol

23 December 2004 13:55


I worked it out - with a little help from my friend and a bit of lateral thinking ( and a sort of sixth sense).  Not really surprised.  It will seem a bit odd going to SI and not having the bright prospect of quaffing with you as well as T & J. Still that's life. Are the RT going with you or is that a step too far - a finance high-flyer with a penchant for fluffy toys!
So when will you start Mad Manx?  no can't see that - not very professional is it?
Sent myself home early today, feeling a tad under the weather - there's D & V doing the rounds of the local hopsitals. Hope I'm not going to be poorly over crimbo.

Vile Jelly

23 December 2004 16:11

Of course the RT are going with me. The original members are Manx. I can still remember that fateful day in 1992 when I first met Sonic. I think he was over there for tax reasons due to the success of his computer games. Anyway, we got chatting in the British one day, then we met the Shauns (inevitably) in the Creg-Ny-Baa and the rest, as they say, is hysteria.
I suspect that I will be somewhat busy when I get over there. Mind you, you never know, there might be a 'Deranged Douglas' one day!
D & V? Dog and vulture? Dior and Versace? Dust and vacuum?

Helen Bristol

24 December 2004 13:22

The British what?  Lucy says she can't wait to meet Douglas.  In fact she's started getting herself in shape, she says she'll walk all the way there if I won't give her a lift.  Typical teenager, all they want you for is to sub their pocket money and chauffeur them around.
None of those although Dior and Versace might come up with some somewhat more flattering uniforms for us.  No, no. That dreadful lurg you had last year.
Well, the future looks brighter for you, apart from the lack of Doom.  Have a great crimbo.  I'm off work now until Jan. 4th, loads to do with varicose family visiting.

Vile Jelly

24 December 2004 15:06

No, it's just called the British. As opposed to the pub just down North Quay which is called the Bridge. Just imagine the confusion that causes when you are trying to order a taxi and you are slurring your speech!
Shaun says he would love to take Lucy ..... around the mountain I think. Sheeps roam free there and he will no doubt want to impress her with his scouting skills. Talking of scouting for boys, maybe he could introduce her to Manx queenies!
What the Narwhal's disease? I thought Toady Blah said he'd fixed the NHS.
A few pints of Okells won't go amiss and there is always Martin's Bushy's Beers to sup on. Perhaps I can do a BM and have supplies of Doom Bar couriered over to me by supertanker. I just might be able to enjoy Crimbo now. Thank dog I'm out of t'Castle. I had no idea how I was going to cope with drunken rich gits blathering 'happy christmas' to me while I flogged my unmentionables off at the carnagery. Especially with knives in my hands.

Helen Bristol

28 December 2004 13:33

Don't know what happened there.  I thought I'd sent a reply but it seems to have vanished into the ether. So I'll try again.
There's a song about that isn't there?  Lucy says she's not sure about Scouts but is very keen on Rovers.  Are Manx queenies related to the Cardigan Bay queenies?
With initials like his he'd be hard put to it.

Vile Jelly

29 December 2004 10:13

Baaaaaa. The Shauns are not keen on Rovers, Rexes, etc. In fact, they are often worried by them. That is why they trained themselves to be vicious killer sheep, sharpening their skills (and hoofs) on unsuspecting humans. Haven't met any queenies in cardigans so wouldn't like to speculate. Definitely not the same as Pearly Queenies.

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