Andrew Macdonald

23 December 2004 15:35

Ave atque vale.

Helling said something was up - she knows a thing or two does Helling.
We shall miss SSI - anyway, enjoy yourself in the cut throat world of financial jiggery pokery or whatever it is, and perhaps you can let us have some small apercus of Man.  Like, where do they put all the cat's tails?  I've not seen one person in a Davy Crocket hat up there.
Have a Doom for me - no, make that two.

Vile Jelly

23 December 2004 16:21

Acshually, I think the Manx cat is officially defunct. With the advent of modern travel they couldn't (as you'd expect) stop them from shagging with english (or scotch or irish) cats so the pure breed ceased to be pure. I know the Manx Cattery in Noble's Park was closed down when I was last there. Anyway, they didn't make hats with them. Have you never had catstail (like oxtail but not as beefy) soup?
One last shift at the carnagery tonight and then I shall be quaffing for me, you and anyone else. I've got to get a goodly reserve under my skin to last me between visits to St. Ives.

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