A Crabby Man

Susanne Woodman

17 June 2002 10:16

Cheer up! [See Old Gnus 14 June 2002]

To Paul - I care! It was very nice meeting you when I was in St Ives. [Good grief, how much had you had to drink!]

I've recommended the Sloop to my sister and her husband who are in the town this week,

Best wishes


Reporting Team

17 June 2002 15:17

Never mind worrying about Jelly, what about us? We do all the hard work, he just drinks beer and annoys people. Waste no sympathy on him, send us your love and devotion (and any spare choccies, champagne, money, etc you may have about your person!).

Uh-oh, here he comes now. Remember, we never had this conversation.

Black day at bad rock today. Beset by emmets at lunchtime and back on again this evening. You'd think they'd be out and about enjoying the first decent bit of weather we've had for ages but apparently you just haven't 'done St. Ives' until you've had a crab sandwich at the Sloop. It seems that I've done nothing else for the last three hours other than stuff crushed crustaceans between two slices of bread!

Susanne Woodman

17 June 2002 16:57

Hope the people getting their crab sandwiches are more appreciative than the people demanding their giros who beset Phillip. Meanwhile I get the people who ordered books and haven't received them. What
it is to be in a service industry!

Best wishes


Reporting Team

19 June 2002 22:23

Appreciation? Lordy, you must be joking!

Every day just serves to remind me why humans are one of our least favourite species.

Actually we have a theory that all the humans in this country work in a service industry and if you just thought (ha, ha) about it you would realise that you are just perpetuating a circle of bitching by doing to other people what other people have been doing to you all day. If you all stopped simultaneously, universal love and harmony would break out.

That's assuming England beat Brazil of course!

PS. Jelly thought he spotted from the Sloop dungeons last (Tuesday) night a person of the female persuasion, who looked quite like you, walking down Fish Street towards the back of the pub. It wasn't your sister was it? (He couldn't wave and hang out of the window to enquire as he was trying to serve up five meals simultaneously).

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