Gill Richards

04 January 2005 09:24

RE: pah

Happy New Year

Did you enjoy the season, knowing this year could only be better? Did you manage to drink the Doom Bar dry before the next delivery? Ma and Pa said SI was fairly quiet during the evening on the 31st. No loud musak outside the Slurp. We did our usual celebrations of 'how much champagne can i drink before Paul wants some more, and let's ignore the rest of the world'.

When's the big day then, and are the RT going to have a seat each? Makes it a bit pricey that, especially if you cater for Lucy wanting to see Shaun as well. Will you pad the box?

So what will you be doing where you can't swing a cat.

Vile Jelly

04 January 2005 10:01

Yes, condiments of the season and all that malarkey.

SI was relatively quiet. I think it has finally dawned on the powers-that-be'nt that if they want to stop drunken young hoolies coming down to trash the town maybe it would be a good idea not to put on events to attract them. Hence the blissful sound of silence outside the Sloop. Hopefully the hoolies have got the message now and all buggered off to Nukie for good.

Dunno. Still waiting to see if I can get a work permit. If not then it will be a rather severe case of OH BUGGER! If I do move the RT have volunteered to do the driving up to t'frozen north to catch the boat. So, at least that's one less thing to worry about.

Thought I might build a viking longship and then the RT and I could go raiding on weekends.

Gill Richards

04 January 2005 10:43

Sounds good, you'll be able to visit the folks without the fear of emms.

Erk! Thought it was all sorted! I'm sure you'll be all right, you've been there before after all. That's good of them, I can see the picture from the Speed camera now, Sonic grinning madly, the Shauns' hooves all over the place and Soupie smiling, showing her best side. Still, Sonic would have the perfect defense...

Don't forget your hat with the horns

Vile Jelly

04 January 2005 18:47

But I'll be an em then! (You can accuse me of many things but I am not a hippocrytamus).

Yes, the possibilities are endless. At least the RT's driving style will give me something to smile about as I leave Cornwallshire.

As anyone who has railed against my mutterings on SSI, I've already got horns ..... plus pointy tail and pitchfork. Oh well, better to be damned for what you did rather than what you didn't do.

Gill Richards

05 January 2005 10:57

Not immediately you won't. you'll have that status of being 'someone who usd to live here'. It can't last for long, but whilst you have friends you're alright. (not even a jelly one?)

And the thought of good things to come.

Not the right kind of horns though and we know what you did with that pitch fork...  Too true at least you can shrug and own up to it

Vile Jelly

05 January 2005 18:45

You're basing that on your tenuous assumption that there will still be somebody left here next year who remembers me.

Actually, if they're driving I am more likely to be worrying about the police roadblocks that are to come.

Acshually, the Vikes didn't wear pointy hats. Well, they did, but merely for ritual ceremonious purposes. The modern analogy would be for the soldiers propping up B. Palace to go to Iraq (or wherever Dubya wants us to die for his empire) and fight in their luminous red coats and bad 70's disco afro hats (or whatever the technical term for them is).

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