Arrows By Any Other Name!

Eddie Cole

17 June 2002 16:24

All's well that ends well

Mr K,

With reference to my earlier mail, A Friend in Need, don't put yourself  down, I didn't think you were the ugliest in the bar! [Can you still get free eye tests on the NHS?]. (Not that I fancy you in any way either) Besides having a beer with your good self, the other highlights of our visit included being stalked by seagulls after my pasty and when I refused to share it they kindly returned the next day with a low formation fly by, and vapour trail that the Red Arrows would have been proud of, and crapped on me from a great height. (Is that lucky, or what). [Actually, due to cuts in the defence budget, the Red Arrows are, in fact, St. Ives seagulls painted in RAF colours!]

We caught up with Mr Morgan-Fisher, who couldn't believe that, after 10 years of playing locally, an all knowing OB1 K.... such as yourself had not heard of the Big Daddy Duo. [Jelly only knows what we choose to tell him]. Do keep up the website, it's most entertaining and restores confidence that the seagulls haven't taken over.


Reporting Team

17 June 2002 21:29

Alas, it is fairly common to be stalked (and worse) by seagulls in St. Ives. The time to start worrying is when they follow you home (you did check the boot of your car didn't you?)

We don't know if you could make out from the piccies of the beerfest but the logo this year was 'a seagull rampant on stolen pastie'. Marvelously bad taste we thought!

Glad you caught up with the legendary Mr. M-F. Hope you spent a long night over a bottle of something swapping hair-raising reminiscences of past misdeeds.

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