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Charlotte Lloyd

21 June 2002 14:46

St Ias(?) Well

I wonder if any of you bods can tell me the location of the above? I read about it in a guide book but it didn't give an exact location.

It may not even be called that, but it seemed like a good guess!

Essentially, I am trying to track down the ancient sacred well in St Ives. I have searched the internet [Well, obviously you didn't look here on the internet, did you? Tsk, tsk, as elephants say. Read reply below then write out 100 times 'must try harder'!] to no avail. Any ideas?



Reporting Team

21 June 2002 16:56

Venton Ia (or St. Ia's well) can be found just a small hedgehog's sprint along Porthmeor Road past the Tate and at the bottom right corner of Barnoon cemetery (if you are standing on Porthmeor looking inland). It was, back in ancient times, the only reliable source of drinkable water in town. As it was last weekend! (See this week's news bulletin

Map (of sorts) attached.

Directions for St. Ia's Well, St. Ives, Cornwall

You can also see the well in action in the Faster, Further, Eia section

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