Minne(sota) Ha Ha!

Jeff Oestreich

28 June 2002 04:11

Hi, [Hello there]

I was poking around the internet tonight and there was the Leach Pottery, complete with Trevor. I worked at the pottery from 1969-1971.

Great to see someone poking fun at it! Fond times there!

Jeff Oestreich, from Minnesota

Reporting Team

28 June 2002 08:38

Fun? That was supposed to be a cutting-edge critical analysis! Oh well, I suppose that's what you get when you let hedgehogs and sheep write your articles.

Actually, we think Trevor gets a bit fed up of being descended upon by the great unwashed, desperate to fawn at the feet of the master and was mildly relieved to see something that wasn't completely po-faced about the whole thing.

We'll get Jelly to mention your communiqué to Trevor (he's working all day and night today so will have to resort to this new-fangled 'electric mail' thingy). Did you know each other or was Trevor still in his wild, rebellious nautical phase then?

PS. How are things in Minnesota? Has it stopped snowing yet?

Jeff Oestreich

28 June 2002 22:19

Hi Paul,

Yet got a note from Trevor. Yes, he was wild thirty years ago! Me too....Mother Janet was a tart too! 

Was  in St. Ives last year and saw Trev. Pottery showroom, cottage and pots looked great. Now for Alan to fix up the studio. [Bah! We don't mention the 'G' word (apart from during the ritual cursing lessons at voodoo school)!]

Yes, it has stopped snowing here and it is 90 degrees and humid! Cannot stand it.


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