Tepee Or Not Tepee That Is The Question

John Lavigne

01 July 2002 22:42

pow wows

Hi there I'm looking for information in regards to upcoming pow wows in Ontario or Quebec.,
I would like to attend one for the experience .
Thank you in advance : John.

Reporting Team

02 July 2002 16:08

Alas, you are unlikely to obtain any such information from us as we live in St. Ives, Cornwall in England. I suppose that being so near to Land's End you could argue that our nearest neighbours due west are the Canadians but we're afraid we don't nip over to each other's places that much!
Keep looking, we're sure someone out there has the info.
Good luck!

John Lavigne

04 July 2002 02:52

Thanks for trying, if I'm ever in your neighbourhood I will buy you a pint of ale. [Hell, if you've just swum all the way here from Quebec, we'll buy you one!]

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