Pesky Piskies

Amanda Brier

03 July 2002 23:39

Fw: Invaders

Dear Vile Jelly,
Thank you for an excellent site. Trevor and I caught a glimpse of the naughty piskies. They moved in making themselves at home in the kiln shed thinking it would be drier in there than outside. They very quickly moved back outside. 

Yours sincerely

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Reporting Team

04 July 2002 10:08

Aha, a contributor at last! For your services we shall make you a provisional member of the Reporting Team (which means you get to sit in the window with the Sonics, Shauns, Flat Eric, The Soup Dragon and Moomin!).
How's Trevor? Is he still malingering? Jelly has just done 41 of the last 72 hours in the Sloop kitchen and is having a well-deserved rest. He hopes to wake up in time to attend the usual Friday evening soiree.
Keep up the good pottering but don't take any sneaky peeks in Trevor's spellbook while he's out!

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