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Vanessa Packham

26 November 2001

Comments on website and information request

Hi Mysterious Author of Spooky St Ives

I have to say that as a rule I find most tourist information sites quite boring!! because of that I tend to log on quickly, try and extract the info I need (if they haven't designed it so I have to go through the whole lot) and get out!! In the case of Spooky St Ives, I was so humoured by the way you presented the information that I stayed on far longer than I should and enjoyed the site. Compliments to the chef!!!!!!!!!!!!

That said, can you tell me where the pubs are????  My husband and I are travelling down on Friday for the weekend, part of our accommodation arrangements includes B&B plus evening meal, after that though we shall need a drink and possibly some entertainment, where should we go that's lively?? We're aged thirty something going on twelve!!

Okey-pokey, despite popular demand we have resurrected the ten second pub guide. At least you should be able to find them now.

I look forward to hearing from you for some more top tips.

Regards Vanessa

PS: Bugger (excuse the term) the walk to Zennor!!  Have you walked it?

Having done it there and back on the same day (twice!) to bring you the complete Walk To Zennor Experience, we can assure you that the words 'Zennor' and 'bugger' will be forever engraved in our hearts and minds!

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