Quick Nurse The (Computer) Screens!

M Willemse

04 July 2002 23:24

Hello, I have been directed to your website through my work. I work in a
residential home and a nephew of a lady there asked if we had a computer, said yes, but no good for the web.  So he gave us a link and I have downloaded Fears [sic] of Clay for the lady, pass the message on please [who to?] and I love your disclaimer. [We didn't do it, honest!]


Reporting Team

05 July 2002 10:25

Cheers, m'dear. Glad it's been of some use to someone.

Love the inadvertent typo. 'Fears of Clay' sounds far more intriguing than the original title! We'll have to ask Trevor if there are any documented cases of ceramo-phobia.

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