Mount-ing Difficulties

Erika Orban

24 July 2002 09:37

St. Michael's Mount.

Dear Madam / Sir,

My name's Mrs. Erika Orban. Last year I visited your marvellous town. I felt good and now I'm planning to go back. There was a beautiful isle called St. Michael's mount. Has it any web pages? If yes, would you be so kind to give it to me?

Thank you very much indeed.

Best regards,


Reporting Team

24 July 2002 19:49

Actually, neither but that's neither here nor there.

The good news is that the Reporting Team have gone forth and located that site for which thou seekest and the answer is:-

Not bad for hedgehogs, sheep and other species, eh?

Erika Orban

25 July 2002 04:54

Hi Paul,

You're a funny man [That's funny peculiar, not funny ha ha!]. But I really don't mind.

So thanks a lot for your help. Take care ...


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