The Holly And The Jelly

Micky Chambers

27 July 2002 12:54


Dear Mr Jelly and Friends, [He hasn't got any, just his workers!]

When me and my mum and dad visited in March we took the attached picture [Sorry but we can't access it. We don't know why, we are only cuddly hedgehogs, sheep, dragons, etc. after all] of an extremely unwell  jellyfish on Porthminster Beach, the same day incidentally that we saw some dolphins in the bay.

Anyway I noticed that the seagulls left it alone and didn't try to eat it. How about as a sideline to your 'Dish Pig' t-shirts make up some hats in the style of jellyfish, not unlike the Aussie ones with corks hanging down; but  instead of corks, tentacles, [no crude comments please I'm only seven], this would  enable tourists to eat their pasties, ice creams etc without being attacked, and also make them look really stupid. [Don't worry, they do that anyway!]

We normally come down twice a year at half-term, and eat in the Sloop every night [my dad insists on it], so when you make your first million from this idea I would be quite happy to collect my cut in fish&chips and ice cream as they are the best in the world ever, served on the cleanest plates ever !!!.

Be Lucky [He is, he's got us].


St Albans.

P.S.  Dad helped with the spelling and let me use his E-mail address; just in case you were wondering.

Reporting Team

27 July 2002 20:13

Deer Holy,
Despite all the things wot the vial cello says, we do not spend all or time partying (some times we're in work for 3.30 pm and don't leave until at least ten to four-ish).
We are grateful that you took the time to send us an e-mail as we do not have many (in deed, any) youth correspondents and so we are always interested to find out what young human beings like.
Be good and stay young.
The Reporting Team
PS. We did think about using a jellyfish hat but 'youknowwho' is a bit sensitive about jelly-related matters!
PPS. Please find enclosed a singed [sic] piccy of your favourite cuddly peeps.

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