Bags Of Fun!

Stuart Phillips

28 August 2002 02:52

link to you

Nice website
If you don't mind I am going to put a link to it from  WWW.BAGFEST.CO.UK  [Of course we don't mind. We want to be internationally rich, famous and successful!]
As I think that the peeps that are riding down will like your slant on the town.
So far its 35 bikes, and all turning up at the Sloop at  10am on Saturday 14 Sept , that should give Tony a smile if they all want Brekkie. [Pah! Tony doesn't have to cook the brekkies. However, we suspect that it might cause Vile Jelly to exclaim 'Oh dear Lord, how inconvenient' ... or words to that effect!]

Call into the shop and introduce yerself, the first (at the union) is on me

Stu.. the bagman..

Vile Jelly

28 August 2002 09:11

Cheers! Link away. I'll put Bagfest in the news section for this week (when I get a chance to write it, Saturday at the earliest. We are, wouldn't you know it round the Aug Bonk Holiday, short-staffed at the mo so I will be working almost the entirety of Thursday and Friday).
And angry hordes of demented bikers don't worry me, mate, I'm used to them. Before I emmet-grated to St. Ives I spent the best part of 10 years on the Isle of Man!
I will stick my head in as soon as I have got time for a civilised conversation, as mentioned things are a tad fraught just now.
PS. If you are the bagman does that mean that I am the walrus?

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