Tin Star

J Krige

29 August 2002 14:47

Help needed in contacting Jeweler

About three years ago I visited St Ives and met a jeweller that made necklaces from local tin. He made them based on Celtic knots. I have been trying to contact him and would very much appreciate if you could give me his contact details.
I know its a long shot any help would be appreciated
Hope you can help me

Reporting Team

29 August 2002 15:48

I will keep an eye out for any likely suspects but do you have any more clues; i.e. a name, where in St. Ives he was?

J Krige

29 August 2002 16:07

If memory serves correctly, he was near the big cross,

[Well, that really nails it down then!. Oh well, we will go forth to see what we can locate. Meanwhile, in the unlikely event that anyone from St. Ives is tuning in and has any idea what this bloke is blathering about can you bung Jelly an e-mail at the usual address.]

Reporting Team

05 September 2002 16:11

As clues go it's not the most helpful ..... but on the assumption that the 'big cross' is the war memorial then, after a spot of hoofwork, the Reporting Team reckon that your best bet is:-
The Painted Bird
3 Fore Street
St. Ives
TR26 1AB
(01736) 796217
No promises but that's the best we can come up with.

J Krige

05 September 2002 19:28

thx alot for the help its very much apreciated.
will contact him asap

[You're welcome. And don't give up on the spellchecker!]

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