Beer Today Gone Tomorrow

Liz Ringrose

10 September 2002 20:56

Beer at the Sloop

Dear Mr K
We're back in Mousehole and popped over to St Ives this afternoon. We called in the Sloop but weren't sure you'd want to sit down and drink with a pair of Emmets [He'd sit down with Satan if there was the chance of free beer] so I put the price of your usual brew behind the bar with a nice young lady [Can't have been one of the bar staff, then!]. Hope she remembered to tell you.
All the best,

Liz Ringrose

Vile Jelly

11 September 2002 18:03

Cheers, m'dear. I did, in deed, quaff from the pint glass of your hospitality, thank you very much.
Sorry, I missed you. I was working at the time but we weren't really that busy so I could have darted down for a Brief Encounter but the useless buggers never told me until after the event. I have now communicated to them the error of their ways via the international signals for displeasure, the boot and the fist!
Oh, and by the way, if you are confused as to whether you are an emmet or not, just apply this simple test:-
While my 6 year old nephew was down I was explaining to him the concept of 'emmets'. By the time we got to the parents place he proudly announced (when the subject cropped up) that 'emmets are idiots'. So, I reckon if you're not the latter then there's a good chance that you're not the former either.
Besides emmets never buy drinks for the locals!
Hope you are coping with the hubbub of downtown Mousehole.

[Bah! Never mind drinks for Jelly, what about the Reporting Team?

The Sonics will have a pint of FBJ each, the Shauns will have bottles of Old Sheep Dip (naturally!), Flat Eric will have whichever alcopop has the highest sugar content, Orm will have a freshly-squeezed human juice and the Soup Dragon will have ... anything but bloody soup!]

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