Storm Warning!

Storm Saffron

12 September 2002 17:32


Am planning to visit St Ives end of October - can you help me out on this
I got M.E. so I can't walk far, and will be staying at the YHA [I hope, am going to ring them later 2 book]. Have been trying to work out how big the town is - I live in Brighton, and is it pretty flat or loads of hills, as will be on using a walking stick.
Your site is great to, went to the official St Ives site 1st- almost changed my mind to go somewhere else. [Yes, we noticed that as well. We wonder whether they are surreptitiously trying to discourage visitors!]
Oh yea, one more thing - shall I stay for Halloween, as 1st was going to visit on 21st-28th [but the Tate is closed to change their hang], so was going to try to book tonight for the 24th to leave the 31st.
If its as spooky as they say, should I stay for Halloween, just your own personal view please,
Thanks in advance for your reply
Storm :-)

Reporting Team

12 September 2002 22:44

Hm, we're afraid the news is of a somewhat ungood nature. Truth be told (and we do attempt to bring you the real deal at SSI) St. Ives is not the most user-friendly place for anyone with mobility issues. Downlong is fairly flat but comprises lots of narrow, twisty and not very even streets and Uplong (as the name implies) is located up some fairly precipitous hills. That's why Jelly needs such an active Reporting Team!
Hope that doesn't put you off, though.
Not sure what you mean by the YHA. If you mean the Backpackers hostel then the good news is that it is located quite handily and you won't have to go up hill and down dale to get to the shops/harbour/beaches/Tate, etc. The town itself is pretty small and compact so you won't have to trek long distances to get to places.
As for Halloween we can't really comment as we haven't (for reasons beyond our control) actually spent one in St. Ives yet. However, we do expect to be here for this one if, for no other reason than (as you'd expect from the Spooky One) it's Jelly's birthday!
Explains a lot, doesn't it.

Storm Saffron

13 September 2002 08:20

Thanks, is Penzance any flatter being the town next door - if I come down will get u a drink in cos its your birthday. [No, get us one because we are cute and cuddly!].

Reporting Team

13 September 2002 19:53

Penzance! PENZANCE!! [Cough, spit].
We don't mention the 'P' word in St. Ives thank you very much.
But, parochialism aside, what can we say about Penzance? Yes, it's flatter ... it's also mind numbingly dull, has a crime and drug problem and it's full of people from the wrong side of Cornwall!
There's nothing spooky about Penzance.
I'm sorry but when you venture into Wild West Cornwall the bottom line is that it is all a bit rough terrain. The total lack of government investment in the county probably explains that. Down here, it's a case of every man/woman/hedgehog/sheep/soup dragon/etc. for themselves.
There are taxis in St. Ives if you're having trouble getting around.

Storm Saffron

13 September 2002 19:52

lol [eh?] thanks

Reporting Team

13 September 2002 20:12

Nyet problemski.
Sorry, if we've not been much use. Being reasonably ambulatory we don't tend to pay much attention to access issues.
I suppose you can't be all things to all people, all we can do is tell it like we see it.

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