Communications Breakdown

Will Westbury

10 December 2001 22:14

Loads of broken links

Did you know there are loads of links that don't work, including all those about the Sloop and personal info.

No, we didn't, good job you pointed it out. We are only sheep and hedgehogs and don't really understand how this internet-thingy actually works.

The problem seems to have been partly caused by Jelly's incompetence when uploading last week's update, so we gave him a good shoeing and told him to fix it. Which he allegedly did.

However, we also seem to be having some problems ourselves which we presume is down to the ISP as sometimes even we can't access our own website. We are not sure what (if anything) we can actually do about this but we gave Jelly another good shoeing on the principle we had to vent our frustrations on someone!

Also, can you tell me the name of the St Austell brewery pub more-or-less opposite the Lanhams office and up a little bit?  I've had many great pint's of Hicks in there.

It's the Queens (see pub guide). That moment is still commemorated annually on 'Do You Remember That Bloke Who Actually Got A Decent Pint At The Queens' Day.

To be fair, the beer is none too shabby, it's just you can't truly enjoy it unless you've remembered to bring your ear plugs.

I've not been for a couple of years, but I'm planning to invade at the end of Feb 2002 for a short break. 

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