Ship-Shaped And Bristol Fashion

Helen Bristol

04 October 2002 18:26

Shake'n'vac [See earlier e-mail Definite Article]

How dare you!  I never touch the stuff, It's taken years to get the olde worlde effect!  The cobwebs are a masterpiece.
Helen (not) Macdonald

Vile Jelly

05 October 2002 16:45

Oh, sorry. I just assumed 'doing the Shake 'N Vac' was some sort of coded message for doing some sort of secret female activity to which men are not invited.
Like blokes saying 'Just going to see if I can borrow an adjustable spanner from Frank', which merely means 'I am going to the pub to drink beer and talk about football, there's no point you coming as you won't understand'!
I never thought for one minute that anyone actually used the stuff to clean their carpets.

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