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Lily Cooper

06 October 2002 18:43

Hi I would like to say that I think the piece about art might be right. I hate the Tate. I went there and it was all modern rubbish. I like Barbara Hepworth and Alfred Wallace. I wish they would show some decent art like these two artists. I think that  you should inform others on your website that all of the Tate's new ideas are a load of bull. 

Something that you may be interested in... I am a descendent of a Smeaton. The Smeaton's pier was designed by my great great great great grandfather. My grand parents have a cottage on St Eia street I think it is 28 a and it is called Smeaton's Cottage. You could also try to give more info on St Eia I am trying to research about it and found nothing. Could you help?

Lily Cooper, Age 12

Reporting Team

09 October 2002 19:43

Hello Lily,
Sorry we've been so long getting back to you but Vile Jelly has been incarcerated in the Sloop Slave Pits and he doesn't like us to go out on our own. We did manage to sneak down to the Times & Echo to dig out this little snippet for you on the subject of St. Eia [see below] but even we have to admit that it is very hard to find info on the subject. We haven't tried the library yet (strangely it wasn't open either at 7am when VJ went to work or 10pm when he got out of it!). How desperate (and detailed) is your need?.
We do rather agree with your view of most of the Tate's offerings (VJ went to the last opening and even the hardiest of St. Ives artists were stunned ..... by it's rubbishicity). It seems disappointing that such a small place should so totally ignore local artists. We mean, THE LEGENDARY HYMAN SEGAL doesn't even get a look in! (VJ met him the other week when he opened his Porthmeor Studio up - top bloke).
Fascinating to know that Mr S's descendants are still about and keeping tabs on his work. Do you have any Smeatonabilia?
Sorry if the website doesn't meet your informational standards. The trouble is that VJ has to work for a living and even though he has a history degree he just simply doesn't have the time to properly research subjects in-depth. We try to write Spooky St. Ives in a way that will interest humans and encourage them to find out more but, alack and alas, much as we would love to, based on remuneration=nil, sponsorship=nil, free time=very little, there is only so much we can do.
The Reporting Team


Yes, folks, the Times & Echo has been around that long they have the original news report of St. Eia's arrival!

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