Wiped Off The Face Of The Map

Rick Parsons

07 October 2002 13:15

Spooky eh!

Hi - just for information - the West Penwith Resources web site has moved to the smart new address below. You link to it on http://www.spooky1.com/skinny/general%20info.htm for which - many thanks.

I will be putting a link back to you from my site, OK.

After a while I got used to expecting that every sentence meant something totally different if you had a couple of pints of Doom.

p.s. the link to the map seems to be broken (both sizes), but the reference to Estate Pubs was useful - I will be getting a licence because I have discovered that it is damned hard to draw a good map [We know. Vile Jelly had us working our paws to the bone trying to make one but the Shauns kept eating the crayons so we 'persuaded' him to buy a proper one instead!].


Rick Parsons

Vile Jelly

07 October 2002 16:07

Thanks for the message, have amended the link.

Also, cheers for tip off re. maps. Not sure what happened there. I haven't changed anything on those pages for yonks so must have had a glitch on one of my uploads. I think I've fixed it now!

PS. I'm note sure what half the lines mean either, that's why I have to console myself with soothing pints of Doom Bar. I suppose that's what you get for having sheep, hedgehogs and other assorted creatures for staff writers!

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