Rain Dear?

Martin Blake

10 October 2002 10:43

re: Just Deserts

At least when you've gazed in wonder at your shiny new Desert Dome, you'll be able to return to a green and pleasant land. Down here in Australia, we don't need a dome the whole bleeding lot's a desert! Please can we borrow some of your rain?

P.S. Nice site. [Cheers, m'dear, we do our humble, cuddly best.]

Martin Blake

Reporting Team

10 October 2002 11:37

Ooh, you're welcome to it. We've got (literally) lashings of it just now. No need to borrow it as we doubt that we'll want it back!

We'll see if I can get Rabbit to take some home with him next time. He commutes from Oz to work in the Sloop every day (which probably explains why he's always late!) so it shouldn't be a problem provided he can get it past customs.

How much do you want as we are not sure what the rain allowance is these days? Over here you can have as much as you want as long as you can prove it is solely for your personal use. Will a couple of bags do you?

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