Bashed By Fame And Missed By Fortune!

Kenneth Symons

12 October 2002 11:08


Your site most amusing [Cheers, boy!]. Don't get to St. Ives these days. Been on missionary work in England. Odd place run by someone called Blair [That's President Blair to you!]. Have heard about The Tate. Was born in The Meadow 1923. Often saw Alfred Wallis, little man, baggy trousers, jersey. Passed his little place on the way to Island School, liked his pictures displayed in the window. He painted just like us five year olds. The old boy was bad tempered though, boxed my ears once.

Happy days.

Vile Jelly

12 October 2002 15:54

Cheers for the message of cheer. Old Alf seems to have certainly ensured his place in local folklore which makes it even more mystifying as to why the Tate St. Ives so roundly ignores him.

Couldn't but help but motive the surname. Are you, perchance, related to my beloved lord and master at the Sloop, Maurice (son of Henry) Symons?

Kenneth Symons

13 October 2002 08:50

Surname Symons

Have traced my family back to 1820s in St. Ives. Not a common name there. My grandfather who I never knew had a brother Henry born 1866 they lived in Virgin Street. Cannot help more.


Vile Jelly

14 October 2002 08:20

Alas and alack! I Have consulted with his eminence but apparently you are no relation ...

... Either that or they are trying to make sure you don't get your hooks into the family fortune!

Oh well, if nothing else, the next time you visit the burg you can always bluff and use your name to strike fear and panic in unsuspecting locals!

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