What's The Score?


Section 1

  1. Harry Isaacs [Score only one ant if you named either of his two predecessors, Joan Symons or Joan Tanner].
  2. Andrew George. Lib-Dems.
  3. Man's Head.
  4. Smeaton's Pier and West Pier.
  5. Godrevy. Virginia Woolf (To The Lighthouse).
  6. Sharp's Brewery.
  7. 1939.
  8. SS Alba.
  9. Cyril Noall.
  10. The Silver Ball.
  11. Porthgwidden. Porthminster.
  12. The gasworks.
  13. Raise The Titanic.
  14. The Knill Celebration.
  15. The Edward Hain Hospital.
  16. Penwith District Council.
  17. The Digey.
  18. The Stennack.
  19. Uplong (or Upalong). Downlong (or Downalong).
  20. SS.

Section 2

Like we said, just score 5 ants for each 'yes' answer.


Ants Scored


100 Never set foot in Cornwall again!
80-99 Hang your head (and the rest of yourself) in shame.
60-79 Just bugger off to the Costa Del Sol, will you.
40-59 Keep trying and one day someone will remember your name when you walk into the pub.
20-39 A little more care and concern and the world (or, at least, St. Ives) could be your lobster.
1-19 Pull up a pint of Doom Bar and join the conversation.
0 Is that you, Harding?

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