Boggy Trousers

At this stage you will find yourself on the horns of a trilemma:-

Go left, go right or go (more-or-less) straight ahead.

Straight ahead would seem to be the most logical (and direct) route. However, be not deceived by these Lorelei of the land as, like their Rhine-paddling predecessors, they seek to lure you to a watery end.

We explored in them in late August and found there nether regions to be an impassable bog. Lord only knows what condition the terrain is in during winter. The Reporting Team were only able to escape by hollowing out Vile Jelly and using him as a canoe to get back to dry land. Unless you were brought up in the Everglades or have walking on water capabilities we suggest you do not try this at home (or anywhere else)!

Red lines (don't do it)!

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Map of walk to Engine Inn 3

Meanwhile, back at the main map it's a case of left or right. We go left but don't worry we'll come back the other way.

Head down the old frog until you come to a junction where you need to do a sharp handbrake turn to the right [5 on map].

Be right.

Turn right .....

Walk from St. Ives to the Engine Inn, Cripplesease 15
..... and head up here. Walk from St. Ives to the Engine Inn, Cripplesease 16
Go past the camping place and don't worry if you are starting to feel the pace ..... Walk from St. Ives to the Engine Inn, Cripplesease 17
..... if you have timed your expedition right roadside nosh should be available.

Eat your heart out*, Ray Mears!

Walk from St. Ives to the Engine Inn, Cripplesease 18

* NB. Children (and impressionable adults), not even Ray Mears recommends eating your own** heart as a means of surviving in the wilderness.

** However, should you have travelling companions who are weaker than you ..... !

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