A Head For Heights!

Okey-pokey. If you've followed the path you should find yourself walking up a smallish rise with Gurnard's Head on your right. You should then come to a 'crossroads'. To continue following the coast path keep going straight on. To get onto Gurnard's Head take the right path and to get to the Gurnard's Head Inn take the left.

The 'crossroads'. There are no signs but trust me. The path from Zennor to Gurnard's Head 11
This is the right path heading down towards Gurnard's Head. The path from Zennor to Gurnard's Head 12
This is the left path heading up and inland towards the Gurnard's Head Inn. The path from Zennor to Gurnard's Head 12

I know it's a ludicrous concept but just for the sake of narrative consistency let's assume that you are going to go down to the head and leave the pub 'til later!

As you yomp down the slope Gurnard's Head appears thusly. The path from Zennor to Gurnard's Head 13
When you get nearer you should be able to spot the clue. The path from Zennor to Gurnard's Head 14
The track is reasonably well beaten and it's a big target to miss but do not deceived by its innocuous appearance. The path from Zennor to Gurnard's Head 15

Unless you are intending to dispose of them this might be a good time to put your dog/children/mother-in-law back on the leash! As you get closer you will notice that Gurnard's Head just keeps getting bigger. Just over the next rise is ..... another rise. Believe me, it's deceptive from a distance but a big bugger close up.

And there aren't exactly a lot of warnings.

Hm, presumably some sort of marker. I shall come closer to see if I can find out what it's significance is ..... Gurnard's Head 1
..... hell's bells. Thank god I brought a change of underwear! Gurnard's Head 2
I think I'll just scramble up to the top of these rocks and enjoy the view ..... Gurnard's Head 3
..... ah, there's more rocks behind it. OK, I'll just ..... Gurnard's Head 4
..... bugger, there's still more. OK, I'll just ..... Gurnard's Head 5
..... stuff it, Chris Bonnington I ain't! Gurnard's Head 6

Time for a slurp.

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