Are You Missing The Point?

If you take the high road (don't worry, you won't end up in Scotland!) over Hawk's Point the path looks like this.

Hawk's Point, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 1 You may need to bring a machete or a suit of armour if the gorse is feeling particularly frisky.
Hawk's Point, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 2 Once you've fought your way through the shrubbery you emerge on the top of a cliff overlooking Porth Kidney.

Alternatively, if you took the low road you will round the headland (assuming you didn't fall off the cliff, the path does get quite close to the edge in places) and then have a couple of choices.

Hawk's Point, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 3 At the point where the path curves round out of shot there is a grassy area. Just below it is an old gun emplacement sort of thingy and from there the reasonably agile can drop down onto Porth Kidney using the steps and rocks.

It is not recommended that you attempt this route when the tide is in!

Should you be unable or unwilling to attempt this you can just stay on the cliff path which then bends upwards and eventually takes you to the top of Hawk's Point where you rejoin the higher path. There are steps in places where the path becomes quite steep and watch out for nasty surprises lurking in the bushes.

Hawk's Point, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 4 Eek! I thought we'd escaped that lot when we left St. Ives. Hawk's Point, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 5
Hawk's Point, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall 6 No pressure? More like no talent judging from the way the sign has been painted!

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