Come Hayle And High Water

Right. So, assuming you heeded my advice and didn't get sucked into the mud, you have now realised that you will have to track back up one side of the Hayle River until you can find some way across.

Hayle Towans, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall

The scenic Hayle Towans remain reassuringly far away!

Looking back up the river you can see a church in the distance. Head for it. Who knows with a little divine assistance you might yet make it to Hayle.

Head for the church and up over the sand dunes and you will rejoin the coast path. Hayle Bar, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall

You get a good view of the harbour entrance as well.

Hayle Harbour, St. Ives Bay, Cornwall

For the geographically bewildered please be aware that although you can see Hayle you can't actually get at it for quite a while. First you have to go through Lelant.

Coast path from Hayle Bar to Lelant, Cornwall The road to Hayle ..... apparently not paved with good intentions!
Church of St. Uny, Lelant, Cornwall The Church of St. Uny, patron saint of people with only one of something.
West Cornwall Golf Course, Lelant, Cornwall Beware of men with dimpled balls and no dress sense!

Follow the path past the church and then head down and left to get to the Lelant Saltings.

The Lelant Saltings (seen from the Hayle side) usually full of interesting things including boats, men digging for bait, mud flats, quicksand, birds and bird watchers.  The Lelant Saltings, Cornwall 1 The Lelant Saltings, Cornwall 2

The Lelant Saltings, Cornwall 3

The Lelant Saltings, Cornwall 4 The Lelant Saltings, Cornwall 5

Actually, while it's true that you will find bird watchers it is not true that they are interesting!

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