What's In A Name?

Not all the streets are named on the map due to the small scale. If you can't find what you're looking for bung me an e-mail and I'll do some asking around:-


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Street Grid Reference Comments (if any)
Academy Place J8 (see insert) Named for the Nineteenth Century navigation school of James 'Teapot' Rowe!
Academy Terrace J7 (see insert)
Alan Harvey Close C5 Named after a former mayor.
Albany Terrace D4
Albert Road D3
Alexandra Close B3
Alexandra Road B3
Alexandra Terrace C3
Atlantic Terrace J8 (see insert) Faces the Atlantic (oddly enough!).
Ayr Lane J8 (see insert) Nothing to do with Scotland. Seems to be either derived from 'Arth Ia' - Ia's enclosure or 'Aire' meaning 'high place'.
Ayr Terrace C3 See above.
Back Road East K7 (see insert) Frequently mistaken for Back Road West ...
Back Road West D2 ... and vice versa!
Back Street D3 Not to be confused with either of the above.
Bahavella Drive D4 'Nook by the apple tree'.
Baileys Lane K7 (see insert) Named after Captain Bailey.
Barnawoon J7 (see insert)
Barnoon Hill D3 'Top of the down'.
Barnoon Terrace J7 (see insert) See above.
Beach Road C2
Bedford Place J8 (see insert)
Bedford Road D3
Bellair Terrace J8 (see insert)
Belyars Court D4 Derived from 'bellyer' - bell ringer.
Belyars Lane D5 See above.
Belyars, The D4 See above.
Bethesda Hill K7 (see insert) Possibly named after the Pool of Bethesda referred to in the Bible due to the similarity of the five porches of the houses.
Bethesda Place K7 (see insert) See above.
Bishops Road D3
Bowling Green Terrace J8 (see insert)
Bullans Lane C3 Possibly from 'bullace' (wild plum) or area once referred to as 'Bull House Field'.
Bullans Terrace D3 See above.
Bunkers Hill D2 Named after the Battle of Bunker Hill during the American War of Independence.
Burrow Road K7 (see insert) There is a house called 'The Hobbit' in St. Ives but sadly it isn't in Burrow Road!
Burrows, The C4
Burthallan Lane B3
Camaret Drive D4 Camaret is a town in Brittany (France) which St. Ives is twinned with.
Carncrows Street K7 (see insert) 'Cross by the rocks'.
Carnglaze Place K7 (see insert) 'Blue rock'. (Possibly a reference to the local stone blue elvan, which is so hard even God walks in fear of it!).
Carnstabba Road C5 Stabba or Stabbe may be a name, hence 'Stabba's Rock'.
Carrack Dhu Terrace J8 (see insert) 'Carrack' is a rock and 'dhu' means black.
Carthew Close C2 A corruption of 'carrack dhu' or from 'caer dhu' meaning 'black fort'.
Carthew Court C3 See above.
Carthew Way C2 See above.
Channel View C3
Chapel Street J8 (see insert)
Church Place K7 (see insert)
Chy An Dour Close B4 House by the water.
Clodgy View D3 Believed to mean 'isolation hospital'. Clodgy Point may have been a leper hospital.
Corva Close C4 From 'corvagh' meaning 'nook'.
Corva Road C4 See above.
Court Cocking J8 (see insert) Not, as often popularly assumed, the red light district! Possibly where the 'cockyn' were kept. (These were the small boats used by the seine fishermen). Or from the Cocking family. 
Crows-an-Eglos B4 'Cross (or crossing) by the church'.
Digey, The J7 (see insert) Controversy rages over this one. Most commonly accepted opinion is 'Dye House' relating to the treatment of nets to preserve them. One alternative theory is that it refers to a 'farm house'. This might seem odd in the middle of St. Ives but there is an area at one end of The Digey called the Meadows, which is suggestive.
Dinas Ia Road D4 'Ia's Stronghold'.
Dove Street D3
Fish Street D2 Used to be rows of fish cellars.
Fore Street D2 Until the Wharf was built out and a road put on it this was the main street for getting down to shore.
Gabriel Street D3
Garth An Creet B4 'Enclosure by the mound'.
Gill An Creet B4
Gwel An Wheal C4 'Field by the mine'.
Gwel An Wheal Crescent C4 See above.
Hecla Drive E6
Hellesvean B4 'Little slope'.
Hellesvean Close B4 See above.
Hicks Court J7 (see insert)
High Street D3
Higher Stennack B4 See 'Stennack'.
Higher Tregenna Road E5 See 'Tregenna'.
Higher Trewidden Road D4 See 'Trewidden'.
Island Road K7 (see insert) The centre of the known universe.
Island Square K7 (see insert) Actually a triangle.
Kew Vean E6 'Little enclosure (or hollow)'.
Manor Drive E5
Market Place J8 (see insert) Site of the original medieval market. 
Market Strand J8 (see insert)
Meadow, The J7 (see insert) See note on The Digey.
Mount Zion K7 (see insert) Site of the nineteenth century Mount Zion Chapel.
Norway Lane K7 (see insert) Nothing to do with Vikings it is basically northwards facing hence, Nor' Way.
Norway Square J7 (see insert) See above.
Orange Lane C3 Yes, the climate is mild down here but it is hard enough to grow any trees around here, let alone oranges!
Parc An Creet B4 'Field by the mound (or barrow)'. 
Parc An Forth B4 'Field by the path'.
Parc An Stamps B4 'Field of the (tin) stamps'.
Park Avenue D3
Pednolva Walk K8 (see insert) 'Look-out headland'.
Pen An Gwel C4 'Top of the field'.
Pen Porth Avenue B4 'Top of the cove'.
Penbeagle Close C4 'Shepherds hill' (or 'top of the hill').
Penbeagle Crescent B4 See above.
Penbeagle Lane B4 See above.
Penbeagle Way C4 See above.
Penwith Close C4 Penwith is the district St. Ives is in. The exact meaning is uncertain but 'penwith' may mean 'extremity' and was originally the name used for Land's End.
Penwith Road C4 See above.
Porthia Close C5 'Ia's Cove' (i.e. St Ives).
Porthia Crescent C4 See above.
Porthia Road C4 See above.
Porthmeor D2 'Big cove'.
Porthmeor Hill D2 See above.
Porthmeor Road J7 (see insert) See above.
Porthmeor Square K7 (see insert) See above.
Praze An Creet B4 'Meadow by the mound'.
Primrose Valley E4
Rope Walk, The K7 (see insert) Where ropes were spun.
Rose Lane J7 (see insert) Possibly a corruption of Rowe's Lane, Mr. Rowe being one of its earliest known residents or an ironic local reference to a place that smelled rather bad.
St Andrews Street D3 St. Andrew and St. Peter were latter day additions as patrons to St. Ia. (i.e. as usual the church couldn't bear to have a woman in charge!).
St Eia Street K7 (see insert) 'Eia' the original Celtic version of Ives before the Anglo-Saxons got their spin doctors on the case.
St Ives Road E6
St Johns Walk B4
St Peters Street K7 (see insert)
Salubrious Terrace J7 (see insert) I'm not making these up, you know. Honest!
Sandows Lane C3 Named after a person.
Sea View Place K7 (see insert)
Sea View Terrace D3
Smeaton's Pier K7 (see insert) The main pier, built by Mr. Smeaton.
Southfield Place C3 Literally where the south field was.
Steeple Close D5 See below.
Steeple Lane D6 The road up to the Knill Monument.
Stennack Gardens C3 See below.
Stennack, The C3 'The Tin Ground'.
Street An Garrow J8 (see insert) 'Rough Street'. (Well, it is next to the Three Ferrets).
Street An Pol D3 'Street by the Pool (or well)'. The lower end of the street was once known as cut-throat alley!
Talland Road D4
Teetotal Street K7 (see insert) It's in the No Alcohol Zone as well.
Terrace, The D3
Towednack Road A5 Said to derive from the chapel of St. Tewennoc the Confessor.
Tregarthen C3 Possibly 'House by the Mountain Ash' or 'Garthen's Dwelling'.
Tregenna Hill D3 'Dwelling at the entrance'.
Tregenna Parc E5 See above.
Tregenna Place J8 (see insert) See above.
Tregenna Terrace D3 See above.
Tregwary Road C3
Trelawney Avenue C3 Arrr, Jim lad ....
Trelawney Road C3
Treloyhan Close E5 'Dwelling in the grove'.
Treloyhan Park Road E5 See above.
Trelyon Avenue D4 Corruption of Treloyhan.
Tremar Road B3
Trenwith Lane C4 'Dwelling by the trees'.
Trenwith Place D3 See above.
Trerice Place C3 'Farm by the ford'.
Trerice Road C3 See above.
Treverbyn Road C3 'Erbyn's Dwelling'.
Trewidden Road D3 'White farm'.
Venton Road E5 'Venton' is a well or natural spring.
Victoria Place K7 (see insert) Named after some Queen of England whose name temporarily escapes me!

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