Coastal Capers

For those of a more adventurous persuasion there are several boats that do outings to nearby Seal Island. (The original derivation of the name remains shrouded in mystery, although, in many respects it is a small island with seals on it). Apart from visiting Alfie's relatives (see Seal of Approval) you may also get the chance to catch your own on the fish. 

[Small children please note - it's nice of you to think of her but dead fish do not make an ideal present to stuff in your bag and give to your granny when you get home from holiday in two weeks time!]

The Dolly Pentreath, a Cornish Lugger, off the Island, St. Ives, Cornwall A Cornish Lugger, the Dolly Pentreath, lugs another cargo of tourists to Seal Island.

For those of a gentler disposition (i.e. who would rather watch some other idiot risk life and limb) a visit to the NCI Coastwatch (not to be confused with the Coastguards) station on the Island is to be recommended.

The Coastwatch members are all volunteers who keep a continuous daytime watch on the comings and goings in St. Ives Bay and its environs.

From the vantage point of the Coastwatch station visitors can get an excellent view of the town, the bay, the fishing boats, the idiots in hired boats drifting onto Godrevy (the rocks with a lighthouse on in the background of the picture) and other stimulating sights.

The Coastwatch station on the Island, St. Ives, Cornwall Where Seagulls Dare!

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