Holy Mackerel

Despite the best attempts of the government to exterminate them there are still a few fishermen to be found in St. Ives.

Street Map of St. Ives Cornwall 1

Street Map of St. Ives Cornwall 2

So, if you fancy some fresh, locally caught fish leg it down to Smeaton's Pier the next time the boats hove into view and you never know, you might just be able to inveigle them into letting you buy half a pound of mackerel and a packet of lobsters.

Of course, they may well have been up all night and not caught much, in which case they are likely to suggest you do something anatomically impossible (or words to that effect!). But, hey, if you want the authentic St. Ives fishing experience you've got to expect authentic St. Ives fishermen's language!

Fisherman landing the catch in the harbour, St. Ives, Cornwall

Buy St. Ives fishermen's fish before they become extinct. (The fishermen, that is, the fish are doing fine by comparison).

A lone fishing boat in St. Ives Bay, Cornwall The last of the mohicans?

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