The End Of The (St) Pier Show?

Two more e-mails pertinent to New Year's Eve arrived this week. Firstly, the outside world speaks:-

Nicki St-Pier

12 January 2002 15:16

New Year's Eve ...

Hi there, I was just enjoying your web site, when it occurred to me you might be able to help me out with a rumour I've heard.  Could you possibly confirm whether or not there was a big fancy dress-type affair on the streets of St. Ives over the New Year ?  If so, is it planned again for this year ?  I'm a St. Ives lover from up country, and would like to find out if this event actually took place, and if it's worth a look  this year !

Thanks a lot.


12 January 2002 15:24

There is, there was and in all probability there will be again.

You obviously haven't read the Chilly Con Carnage section of my website yet as that has a thoroughly good whinge about this year's event. On the other hand, I don't suppose it matters if you do come down for the next one
though, the way things are going you'll be the only person in the country
who doesn't!

Nicki St-Pier

12 January 2002 15:50

Now I feel most unwelcome, but thanks for replying.  After I sent your email, I continued down the page and read all about your whinges regarding the "foreigners".  You shouldn't live in such a beautiful town !


13 January 2002 08:56

I don't object to people visiting, I just object to people coming down and
trashing the place.

Do you welcome people into your house? Do you welcome vandals into your house? I'm sure you'd agree that there is a substantial qualitative difference in the two types of visitor. The trouble is that the ever-increasing numbers are making it impossible to separate the two out on New Year's Eve so you tend to all get tarred with the same brush.

Anyone who has seen the news recently has seen what has happened at football matches when a small minority has got out of hand and that was in a much more heavily policed and controlled environment than New Year's Eve is down here. I fear that the New Year's Eve revelers are in danger of piddling in their own hearth if they continue to carry on as they are.

Call me a Jeremiah but I'd rather count the lifeboats before I get on board
the Titanic than be ringing Claims Direct from mid-Atlantic as I go down for
the third time!

So, that's one point of view, hit the next page for another.

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