1 February 2002

Spotted Seal

Many thanks to our East Anglian correspondent, Andrew MacDonald, who briefly emerged from lurking in the fens to forward this sensational news clipping.

Those of you who have managed to grit their teeth and endure my terminal rantings on the subject of the local economy will not be surprised to find out that even St. Ives' most famous resident has been forced to leave town in search of a job, some job, any job.

Alfie the Seal at large! We are hoping that Alfie may be able to make it back for the Summer. There tend to be a few casual jobs going but they usually involve just as much poo-shovelling! 

We await for news of any further Alfie sightings with eager anticipation.

Sand In The Clowns!

The continuing shambles of the Hayle Harbour redevelopment project literally dredged new depths when the growing protest against sand extraction from the Hayle Estuary resulted in the work being stopped.

The decision to stop the dredging was made following various warnings from locals and environmental groups that the continual removing of sand from the Estuary was threatening to damage the 'famous' 'three miles of golden sand'. (Everyone else just calls them beaches but, hey, by Hayle's standards an open expanse of sand is a major architectural achievement and tourist attraction!).

In conjunction with Penwith District Council the Hayle Harbour company advised that sand extraction from Hayle would cease immediately. In a further statement the people of S. Ives confirmed that the age-old tradition of 'urine-extraction' from Hayle would continue unabated!

Ghost Town

Other than that, it has been a desperately quiet news week. In short, nothing much as happened and even if it did there would be hardly anybody to notice it. Half the town is shut down until Easter and the other half has gone on holiday.

The bollards are still the subject of much lively debate. A spokesman said the bollards had been deliberately perpetrated in the close season as an experiment to see if they work. In other words, if they don't then the only people who will have suffered as a result will be local residents, who, of course, don't count!

Looks like it's going to be another stormy weekend weather-wise. Let's hope it relents for Feast Day on Monday.


Did anyone see that wonderful cameo performance by the Soup Dragon in the recent Top 100 Kids TV Programmes show on Channel 4? What a diva!

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