1 November 2002

A Useful Thing?

Lordy, it's hard to write all this stuff and keep it in working order. I don't know if anyone out there in the real world is finding it hard to find out what's new or changed amid all this mass of meandering mental musings but just in case you are I have slightly amended the home page to (hopefully) let you use a useful little thingy (which I use to keep track of updates on my fav websites).

The theory is that if you use the little prog on the home page and it will then bung you an e-mail when the site gets updated (assuming I remember to update the 'last updated' column!). The e-mail will contain a link to take you straight to the Spooky St. Ives home page and then you should just need to scoot down the 'last updated' column to see what's got the most recent date against it.

Just type your e-mail address in the box provided and press the 'OK' button. You will then be taken to a pop-up screen which will ask you to enter the URL address of the page you want to monitor. It's http://www.spooky1.com/ if you want to type it in manually or you can just copy and paste it in, either from here or the address bar in your browser (the big long box under the File/Edit/etc menus and tool bar icons if your using Internet Explorer). It will then take you to a page which will ask you if you want to subscribe to various e-mail blurbs but you can just hit the skip button if you're not interested. And th-th-th-that's all folks!

Well, that's the theory anyway!

1 November 2002

Going The Whole Hog

The mysterious benefactors have struck again. Having previously (and anonymously) despatched choccies and champagne to Vile Jelly at HMP Sloop, they have this time sent a pig (see below).

The Reporting Team are particularly keen to get introduced as the pig appears to have in his possession a bag full of conkers!

pig1.jpg (42585 bytes) Is this some kind of subliminal subversive message to the Vile One?

Booze And Hisses!

To massive unpopular acclaim, Vile Jelly won the case of beer* in the Sloop Meat Draw last Friday. Now, if only he had some friends he could invite round to share some with! 

[* Don't worry, readers, as a mere flunky of the Sloop Empire he is not allowed to win the Mystery Prize].

Having A Beastly Time In St. Ives?

Good news for Spookyists (and people with irritating small children to dispose of), the St. Ives panther has been spotted again out in the backwoods at Trink.

The Reporting Team are already making plans to launch an expedition into the wilderness to see if they can get an exclusive interview with the elusive panther. They'll set off just as soon as they finally settle the argument as to which one of them is going to act as the bait!

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