3 September 2004

Thought For The Week

Cha ren ad yn caashey Jerdein.

[They didn't make the cheese on Thursday.]

High Seas Drifter

Last Tuesday saw a bizarre nautical re-enactment of the legendary O J Simpson car chase. A 32ft crabber, Band of Hope, was swiped from Newquay by some ne'er-do-well. However, the boat only had a top speed of 8 knots and was thus followed by the authorities in three lifeboats and a helicopter from Culdrose in what, under the circumstances, could only be described as lukewarm pursuit.

Eventually the chase ended when the would-be pirate crashed into rocks off Godrevy. Fortunately the St. Ives lifeboat was able to tow the boat into the harbour before it sank.

Flower Power!

St. Ives (and Cardboard Bay) triumphed once more in the South West in Bloom competition. Despite the trials and tribulations of dodgy weather and vandalism the dedicated team of gardenias, led by head gardenia, John Bassett, worked like Trojans to maintain St. Ives' reputation for being a pretty little town.

The town is now entered into the national finals of Britain in Bloom, the results of which are promulgated later this month.

The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Drummer

As reported earlier in Spooky St. Ives (see Drumming Up Support in the e-mus section), this Sunday sees the attempt by a rather large number of samba drummers to set a new world record for simultaneous samba-ing.

Over 600 sambanauts will gather on Porthmeor beach where, with the miraculous aid of the Beeb, they will link up with other sambateurs from New Zealand, Brazil and assorted places of that ilk.

I saw a few of them limbering up above Porthmeor today. Intriguingly the loggia of the Tate makes a perfect echo chamber thus amplifying their efforts quite thunderously. Gawd only knows what it must sound like inside the Tate. Oh well, I suppose it will make a change for the Tate visitors to leave with their eardrums rather than their eyeballs bleeding!

More dirt on Sambastock can be found at www.encontro-atlantico04.co.uk.

Fringe Benefits

Forget ye not, discerning peeps, that the St. Ives September Fringe Festival will soon be upon us. from 10th to 26th September to be precise. The 'official' festival is still defunct, which some might say is no great loss, but the Fringe continues to go from strength to strength.

Far too much going on to try to list so grab a copy of this week's St. Ives Times & Echo if you can. If you can't, try tuning into www.stivesfringefestival.co.uk and/or www.st-ives.uk.com for more inflammation.

Winwaloe's Gone

Anybody sorry about that?

If you read this week's e-mus you will realise we will probably never know who he was. I think we'd all worked out what he was!

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