4 April 2003

Buffet (The Artist Slayer)

Sorry folks, but it's going to be a bit of a 'news in brief' week as we are currently all incarcerated in the Sloop Slave Pits trying to feed hordes of visitors (weather's gorgeous) and do a 15 course buffet for the artyfartys' bash tomorrow.


No sign of any meaningful movement in the sale of the Leach Pottery at present.

However, a couple of potters from Nottingham are trying to raise £1 Million to buy the pottery. They are asking for donations of over £250 which will get 'friend of the Leach Pottery' status, whatever that is supposed to mean.

£250 a shot?

Target £1 Million.

Let's hope that they have got an awful lot of friends or it might be down to my great grandchildren to bring you news of when they succeed in buying the place!

Bugger, I've Run Out Of Time!

Got to report back into Stalag Luft Sloop. Other news snippets:-

The mad balloonists have confirmed that they are going to make another attempt at the altitude record but won't confirm whether it will be from St. Ives.

Someone is taking pot shots at the local Scouts' hut with an air rifle.

Some of the legendary Porthmeor Studios are going up for rent in the near future, so if there are any budding Hyman Segals out there. Think you might have to live in Cornwall to be eligible as they are tied up with some sort of trust.

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