4 July 2003

Which, by the time you're reading this, it isn't.

The 4th of July, that is.

Usual grovelling apologies for the lateness of the weekly update. The head chef pulled a sicky on Friday leaving us deep in the doo-doo. So, actually haven't had the chance to get anywhere near the website for the last 48 hours (and counting, there's no absolute guarantee this is going out today [currently 8.22 am on Sunday prior to going on shift]).

And to put the icing on the dog turd, yesterday was the busiest day of the year so far, even outstripping New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

Old Folks Suffer Art Attack [contd.]

The potential row over the possible expansion of the Tate Gullery is beginning to fester already. Those of you who paid any attention to the 'locals whingeing' in previous news bulletins will be aware that 'there were no definite plans to demolish the old folks' homes in Meadow Flats to make room for an expansion of the Tate'.

Shoe repairers!

The wrinklies have confirmed that they have been approached by Penwith Housing Association offering them money and a move to (completely unbuilt or, even, unplanned) sheltered accommodation on the Ayr Playing Fields.

Meanwhile, St. Ives Town Council have confirmed that they have not been involved in any of these non-existent plans. Mayor, Harry Isaacs is quoted in t' Echo as saying:-

"Yes, I am disappointed because St. Ives Town Council is the nearest council to the Tate, which is hopefully part of St. Ives.

As we represent the people of Meadow Flats, I would have thought that if it was something as important as this, we would be considered professional enough that we could have taken into the confidence of Cornwall County Council and that I or the town clerk could have been privy to the information".

In response, PHA contacted the Mayor to inform him that the residents were being consulted and generously sent him a copy of their press release.

Oh, the sweet stench of democracy in action, eh? People living under dictatorships have no idea how lucky they are. At least no one tries to insult their intelligence by telling them they have a voice and a choice.

Oh, and to finish, virtually all the residents of Meadow Flats have adopted an 'over my dead body' response to the proposals.

"We are moving them on for their own benefit. They will be re-located and re-housed appropriately."

Can't remember if that was Phillip Sheridan a propos of the Native Americans or Adolf Eichman a propos of the Jews and Gypsies. Curious, though, how these little moments in history always seem to end up favouring the movers rather than the movees.

Pay Attention Emmets!

Honestly, you try and give people a little bit of useful information and they just ignore it.

So, if you are contemplating walking the coast path in the near future go and read page 1 of the The Prisoner of Zennor feature and don't end up like the 50-something woman who had to whisked away in the air ambulance (paid for by us) from near Trevalgan after badly twisting her ankle while attempting the path in light footwear.

Quelle vache stupide!

Yours As Well As Mine

Don't know when (or even if) I'll be able to do a feature on it but if you're looking for something new and interesting to see down here then why not take a trip out to the newly revamped Levant Mine (on the road between Pendeen and St. Just near the Geevor Mine).

You can now get into bits of it, including the tunnel and shaft that was the scene of the 1919 disaster when 31 men were killed when the man engine broke.

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