5 November 2004

Thought For The Week

Scosoylagh, nagh noddagh ou geddyn ad jiu.

[You probably could not get them today.]

Knives And Fawkes

Dismember, dismember, the 5th of November, etc.

At this time of year it is important to remember the true meaning of Bonfire Night:-

It's just another day at work for arsonists

It is a vital chance for irritating children (and adults) to maim and mutilate themselves in a Darwin Award-winning way

Most importantly, as Sellars & Yeatman pointed out, it is the time when we remember Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up MPs in parliament and when we light fires and set off to fireworks to remind MPs that we wish he had succeeded (and was still succeeding). 

Travelling Along The Ghost Path?

In a not totally surprising development it has been announced that the A30 is one of the country's top 10 most haunted roads. Motorists claim to have seen three figures in brown robes lurking around Crows-An-Wra (Witch's Cross) near Land's End and to have heard the sound of tortured cries at Indian Queen's (probably people emerging from the McDonalds).

Given that the Roseworthy Dip near here is probably the country's most prolific serial killer since J. T. Ripper, it is hardly surprising that the A30 is so closely associated with death, terror and torment.

Anyone For Whale And Chips?

The good folks of Sennen Cove were presented with a rather unusual fly-tipping problem this week when the 40 ft, 45 ton carcass of a fin whale was washed up on the rocks. The whale, as you can imagine, started to pong quite a bit.

Intrepid whaley-binmen arrived to try and pull the bod off the rocks at high tide and tow it to the beach at Long Rock (next to PZ for the local- geography-declined) where, it was believed, a supply of extra-large, industrial-strength bin bags were available. Unfortunately, the whale, refusing to let death be a handicap or impediment to its liberty, snapped the tow rope and was last seen four miles off The Longships.

Oh well, no point in wailing and blubbering!

Out Of The Ashes

St. Ives Link which has been for several years now treating Chernobyl children to a hol in St. Ives have announced that next March they will be one of only six groups in the UK to take in ten sprogs, a mother and a teacher who survived the Beslan school massacre.

The Chernobylly sprogs were taken in by local families (I know Gary, l'homme de lait to the Sloop, t'Castle, etc. used to take them in) and hopefully the Beslan kids will be able to do likewise and experience the real St. Ives.

The only potential cloud attached to this silver-lining is that the March date implies skool Easter holidays. Lets' hope the ems don't ruin the visit for the Beslan sprogs.

We'll Meat Again?

Tonight sees the return of the Sloop Meat Draw.

But will it see the return of the locals? Last year seemed rather flat with many locals being rather amphibious about whether it was worth turning up for it or not. Certainly a lot of the spark seemed to have gone out of it. And I won the sum total of bugger all last year.

Will anyone turn up tonight? If they do, will a good time be had by all, some or none?

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