6 February 2004

Peace In Our Time?

People with eyeballs have reported the presence in St. Ives Bay of a Greenpeace battleship. We are not sure which one it is yet but it has got a big rainbow painted on its sides (or the side we can see, anyway) so we are confidently expecting to see Geoffrey, George, Bungle and Zippy in the Sloop tonight.

We are also not sure what they are up to. Some have speculated that it's to do with the dolphin thing that has been rumbling on since the start of the year. Unfortunately, for some reason the anonymous french secret service frogmen we tried to speak to declined to be interviewed!

Some Of Them Do Have Mothers!

While I have been trekking up and down the filth-strewn, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, un-sunny side of the street (looking for the Reporting Team usually), Mummsy has been carving out a niche as an authentic St. Ives artist.

Now being shown as part of an expedition on the first floor of St. Ives Library she was at first nervous at her debut appearance but soon took to the St. Ives traditional style of art like a duck to water and a seagull to a pastie.

echo arties.jpg (60416 bytes)
While Mayor Harry Isaacs opens the expedition and the great unwashed gawp at the piccies, Muther (at the window, directly behind Mayoress Lynne Isaacs second left) ignores the art and concentrates on hoovering up the wine in the true St. Ives tradition.

So, all you art buffs, time to open up your wallets/purses/swiss bank accounts and purchase some quality artwork so as to provide for Ma Jelly when frail dotage comes kicking down her front door. At the minute, there's bugger all chance I will be able to!

True But Amazing

Got a minute to spare while you're waiting for the kettle to boil? In that case you might considering popping into the Tate. They've got a new expedition kicking off tonight, which features some art.

I shit you not.

One of the main exhibitionists is a von bloke called Karl Weschke (haven't seen owt of his stuff myself) and artists who inspired him, including old JMW Turner himself. On top of that, there's stuff by JMW Turnip's prize-winning pansy potter, (Larry) Grayson Perry.

Even more incredibly, there is going to be an expedition of works by Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada. The grapes on the wordvine are that El Corser is going to do a spiel on the subject at the opening tonight. At least it will be a pleasant change from the Meat Draw which has been crap most of the time.

Tate St. Ives involved in something worthwhile? Now that's what I call shock art! 

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