6 August 2004

Thought For The Week

Choud's nagh bee eh 'sy thie, tanneeym

[As long as he is not in the house, I shall stay]

Durable Mammaries!

With St. Ives having lost an estimated 400 bed-spaces in the last two years as hotels and guest houses have been converted into flats and apartments for the bloated plutocrats, the Tourist Inflammation Centre has said that it is struggling to find enough bed & breakfast accommodation to meet the demand.

So what.


Tregenna Castle has angered sections of the local residentry by putting a security gate with a combo lock at the bottom of the path which leads through the gardens to t'castle. The yokels are claiming that this is blocking off a public right away and that they have been using the path for hundreds of years (they must be very fit for their age, then, 'cos it's quite steep). T'castle says that the gate has been installed due to a number of factors; dog owners using the gardens to dump their pet poo, acts of vandalism and theft and 'whose castle is it anyway?'.

We never use the gate so we don't care.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

At the risk of harping on about the subject but Winwaloe always wants facts and figures so you can blame him .....

Council housing waiting lists in the south west grew by over 25,000, from 84,983 to 110,445 between 1999 and 2003. The most recent year was the worst with a 16% increase in 2002/3.

On average each local authority has created 72 new affordable homes, while 133 have been sold under the Right To Buy scheme. [Thus, clearly making it a Wrong To Buy scheme]. To meet the english government's target for creating affordable homes each authority should be building between 133 and 222 new affordable homes each year. Currently, they are losing 61 each year!

When Emmets Attack!

Town is unbelievably foul now with zillions of emmets swarming over the place like ants over a dead and decomposing dog. How anybody can actually enjoy this experience is beyond me. The ems really are very, very strange.

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