7 December 2001

(Give It Another) Whirl Harbour

Guess what? The saga of the Hayle Harbour redevelopment project too yet another twist when the developers announced that they are going to withdraw their current plan and re-submit a new 'masterplan' next year. This being the 60th anniversary of another 'masterplan' involving radically 'restructuring' a harbour, we await developments with bated breath (and tin hats on standby).

Of course, there could be a number of benefits to re-locating the US Pacific Fleet HQ to Hayle. For starters, if, heaven forbid, anyone did decide to have another crack at it and bombed the place, it wouldn't change the character of downtown Hayle much!

Hands, Knees And Bumpsy-Daisy

Anyone who has been paying attention recently (or at all) will have noticed the arrival in The Sloop section of local boy made adequate, Scott Rowe. Despite his friendly demeanour Scott likes nothing more than running dementedly around a rugby pitch looking for opponents to savage (metaphorically) with his rugby skills. His performances have led to his being constantly referred to in match reports as 'the lively Scott Rowe'.

However, last Saturday, bored with a run of constant success Scott decided to seek out a new challenge, namely to find out what would happen if he got the biggest player in the opposition to jump up and down on his right knee. Consequently, it is expected that the match reports in the next couple of weeks are more likely to refer to 'the barely ambulatory Scott Rowe'!

Ever sympathetic to his plight, the staff and customers of The Sloop have made every effort to keep Scott constantly hobbling back and forth the length of the three bars.

You Can Lead A Horse To Water ..... 

..... but you can't make it think.

The St. Ives Arts Club had a meeting last week to raise awareness. Unfortunately they did not take up our suggestion that their first customers should be most of the artists who have been exhibiting in the Tate this year!

All Quiet On The West Cornwall Front

Other than that it has been a quiet week, really. I suppose everyone is busy getting in the supplies and battening down the hatches ready for the onslaught of the festering season. Also, weather-wise it has been a tad feral and laniferous here which hardly encourages anything other than essential trips outside the house. In fact, a couple of days this week it has felt like we've been not so much by the Atlantic as in it.

I had a very nice dinner at Trevor and Janet's on Sunday night. Needless to say the Corser Kismet had struck again and he bagged the joint of beef in the Neat Draw on Friday. Very tasty it was too. I wonder if I can convince him to use his uncanny influence to win the lamb this week.

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