9 April 2004

Thought For The Week

Cha row uss ayns shen!

[YOU weren't there.]

[How are you getting on with these? I'm sure a polyglot like Winwaloe is having no trouble but are any of the rest of you struggling? Perhaps you should petition Mr. W for his miraculous translation services!]

Victory (Part 1)

Rugger-buggers may be interested to know that the William Webbed-Feet Trophy (aka the Rugby World Cup) will be on display at St. Ives Rugby Club on Easter Monday. The trophy will be making a brief autograph-signing visit as part of its national Rub The Australians' Noses In It tour.

Mr. W.W. Ellis-Trophy is expected to arrive at 6.30 pm accompanied by a military escort (assuming that the aforementioned escort have successfully prevented him from being stolen in Penzance the day before!).

Victory (Part 2)

Just like in Jason And The Aggro-nauts, hopefully the Hydra has finally been slain. Although, due to differences in local pronunciation down here it's called a Hendra.

The raging battle over the redevelopment of the Hendra's Hotel site in Cardboard Bay (see Getting Away With Daylight Buggery in the 19 March bulletin) finally seems to have come to some sort of apocalyptic conclusion. Anguished local residents had formed themselves into a protest group called RAID and it seemed that this raid was ultimately successful as the person with the deciding vote on the planning committee fell on the plunger, thus blowing up the bridge just as the developers' convoy of JCBs was getting ready to roll in.

So, officially the plan has been booted into touch, albeit only by one vote. However, worried residents claim to have seen one of the developers ordering his men to collect the Hendra's teeth and sow them ..... !

And So To Bedding!

John Bedding of the St. Ives Ceramics Gallery has put together an expedition of work by 13 former Bernard Leach students to raise funds for the Leach Pottery Appeal. John was a former Leach student himself and the exhibits include work by the legendary Trevor Corser, keeper of the Bernard Leach Ceramic Grail Secrets and knower of unpublishable Janet Leach stories.

The extra good news is that Bedding's gallery is in Fish Street, just opposite and slightly up from the Sloop. This means that you can drop into the Sloop, order some drinks from whatever Dimwit De Jour is serving, nip across to spend a pleasant couple of hours at the expedition and then scuttle back to the Sloop, by which time your drinks should be nearly poured and ready for consumption!

For The Benefit Of The Hard Of Understanding

Just to reiterate one point, that I have iterated many times before but apparently to no avail judging from recent comments:-

Spooky St. Ives is MY personal website. I pay for it. It costs ME money. I do all the work (apart from the odd bit of supplementary stuff I've blagged and a couple of contributions from the East Angularians). I can put any subject matter I want on it. I can delete the whole thing or change it to Delightful Douglas or Orgiastic Ormskirk any time I want to. I can promulgate my e-mails, the Reporting Team's autobiography or my bleeping Degree Thesis if I want to.

I receive no assistance and no remuneration from anyone. I am not in the pay of or in any way beholden to the Cornwall Tourist Board, St. Ives Town, Penwith District or Cornwall County Councils, any St. Ives BusinessesOrganisations or Interest Groups. I do not owe anybody anything.

So, do not waste your time moaning at me if Spooky St. Ives does not conform to your own pre-conceptions, pander slavishly to your every whim or tell you everything you want to hear (including how right and wonderful you are). You are free to go elsewhere. Just type 'St. Ives Cornwall' into your search engine and you'll find zillions of websites. I'm sure you'll find them absolutely riveting and delighted to conform to your own pre-conceptions, pander slavishly to your every whim or tell you everything you want to hear (including how right and wonderful you are).

Frankly, m'dears I don't give a damn!

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