10 January 2003

The Authorities Are Taking The Asylum Back From The Lunatic!

The few of you still paying attention to the site will have noticed that I just can't cope any more.

But who cares when this has presented a golden opportunity for the Reporting Team to write their own stuff.

Read all about it in The Reporting Team's Gazette.

Anything That's Not Nailed Down ...

Believe it or not but several hundred quids worth of LIVE lobsters have been blagged in Hayle.

Would have loved to see the video of Winona Ryder trying to get those down the front of her dress!

All In Good Fun

Sad to say that a 19 year old woman is in hospital being treated for facial injuries after being smacked in the face, probably with a glass or bottle, outside Boots in High Street on New Year's Eve.

Still, it's all ......

Illegitimate People!

The following Sunday yet another woman (for the benefit of the hard of understanding, that is a member of the female persuasion) suffered a black eye and needed three stitches in a head wound after being struck on Lambeth Walk by a plastic bottle thrown from the churchyard above.

There's Nothing Like A Dame

Happy Birthday to Barbara Hepworth who is 100 today!

Admittedly, due to technical problems she probably won't be down the Sloop tonight for the Meat Draw but what the hell.

Here's to Babs.

She may have been a tyke at birth but she sure saw the light and contributed something worthwhile to St. Ives when she moved down.

In Those Days There Were Giants ...

Another birthday coming up.

2003 (June to be precise) will mark the 140th anniversary of the first St. Ives lifeboat, 'Moses', coming on station.

Men of the lifeboat (that's you, Watkin) and the recovery crew (that's you, John) and those who have suffered the losses of the lifeboat (that's you, Dick)


And thank you for taking the time and trouble over a mere nobody with an interest in local people and stories.

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