11 January 2002

A Wild Stab in The Dark

The St. Ives murder trial kicked off in Truro this week. The defendant, Alison Parker, denies murdering her partner, Nigel Tonge, after he was stabbed to death in a 'domestic' last March. She is claiming self-defence, running Tonge through while he was duffing her up. 

So far, Tonge has not responded to any offers of an interview to put his side of the story.

The trial continues.

Round The Rugged Rocks

275 teams of Coastguards are currently doing a sponsored relay walk around the entire coast of Britain. The walk kicked off at Land's End and the St. Ives Coastguard team completed their section of the walk yesterday. They walked from Gurnard's Head to the Copperhouse sluice gate in Hayle where they handed over to the Portreath Coastguards.

charity walkers rest st the Sloop Inn, St. Ives, Cornwall

The Coastguard walkers revive their flagging spirits with beer and pasties outside the Sloop.

Pushing The Boat Out

St. Ives RNLI have recently been given a number of awards by RNLI Headquarters. Among the gongs handed out were 20 Year Long Service (you get less for murder these days!) Badges for crew members James Perkin and Charles Hodson.

So, next time you fall in the sea spare a thought for these blokes, they must be absolutely knackered!

Rugger Me!

In a closely fought match that remained in the balance right up to the kick-off, last weekend St. Ives' rugby team narrowly defeated Falmouth 116-7. (And Falmouth had home advantage!).

As such, the game would remain totally devoid of interest to Spooky St. Ives but we are pleased to announce that sloth-like Sloop bartender and all-round rugby diva, Scott Rowe, managed to score precisely NONE of the eighteen tries.

Yup, that's right, NONE. Even guest full-back Professor Stephen Hawking managed to score a couple of tries but Scott got NONE.

Strangely enough Scott has been conspicuous by his absence since then!

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