11 April 2003

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly

Serial SSI Groupie and bringer of ninja hamsters, Holly Chambers, was discovered propping up the bar in the Sloop again last night.

Honestly, kids these days! I'd blame the parents but Micky's a hell of a lot bigger than me and I didn't have my chef's knives with me. (I'd probably have just run myself through with the am again, anyway).

At least I now have eye-witnesses to mine and Trevor's continued spectacular run of non-winning in the Meat Draw.

Beyond The Fringe

Despite, or possibly because of, the demise of the 'official' September (f)Arts Festival the Fringe goes from strength to strength. Organisers have reported an even greater increase in interest in the Fringe.

So, it looks like a good time will still be had by all (apart from the organisers of the official festival). Mind you, you'd have thought that if they actually do enjoy a good time they would have organised one when they had the chance!

Hundreds And Thousands

Widely reported in the local press was the latest Artyfartys' bash at the Sloop last Sunday when the St. Ives Society of Freeloaders ..... er, I mean Artists, of course, hung their thousandth oeuvre on our hallowed walls.

Widely ignored in the local press was the sumptuous buffet provided by the Sloop kitchen minions.


Watch The Birdie!

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds (or whatever they're called) have linked up with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Co. to provide a new ornithological service on the Scillonian.

Every Friday an RSPB guide will be on board to help passengers identify the various avian appearances which manifest themselves on the long haul from Penzance to the Scilly Isles.

Sad Loser Of The Week

Chortle! Some person had a letter in the Cornishman this week enquiring when they would be regarded as a local in St. Ives. After all they had been living down here from London for 6 whole years!

Silly sod. The answer is, of course, never. To be a local you'd have to be born here, wouldn't you? That's what 'local' means.

Having lived in a couple of parts of the Celtic fringe (here and the IoM) at various times the first thing you have to get your head round is that you are always going to be an 'outsider', primarily on the not illogical grounds that you have come in from the outside.

I've never had any problems with the locals, they've always been perfectly friendly to me but, then, I'm not so dumb as to try and pass myself off as one of them.

Mind you, I always harbour deep suspicions about people in any walk of life who demand respect as of right. To me it rather implies that they are incapable of earning it.

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