11 July 2003

Don't Know Where, Don't Know When .....

..... but I know we'll meet again some rainy day (probably in November!).

Which is to say the great evil that is 'the high season' is nearly upon us. So, we apologise in advance for what is likely to become a series of fairly brief updates as Vile Jelly is bricked up inside the Sloop Slave Pits and the Reporting Team cower in fear of small sticky sprogs trying to maul them!

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night !

Anyone who thought that they were going to get just another stuffed poodle when Harry Isaacs was elected Mayor can think again. 

After a quiet post-inauguration breather Harry is opening a can of whup-ass on those who maybe thought that they could just throw the poodle, I mean Mayor, a squeaky rubber bone and then get on with doing whatever they wanted with St. Ives.

Well, of recent Harry has been busy telling the Tetramast people where they can stick their monopole and has now called for an Extraordinary Meeting of town councillors to discuss the Tate's plans to get some lebensraum.

Go on, Harry, bite their knees!

Going POTY!

While I walked out one midsummer morning .....

Yesterday to be precise. FE and I went on a relaxing stroll on St. Michael's Way and stopped off at the White Hart Inn in Ludgvan.

Hang on, thought I, let me just cross reference this with our experience of the North Inn in Pendeen:-

Pleasant rural setting?


route283.jpg (62705 bytes)
Authentic rural interior?


hart2.jpg (63300 bytes)
Eating facilities?


hart3.jpg (64554 bytes)
Quaint and quirky settings?


hart4.jpg (54353 bytes)
Authentic olde worlde, low-beamed, paraphernalia-filled public bar (with piano)?


hart7.jpg (50096 bytes)
Real ale, off the wood?


route285.jpg (64341 bytes)
Do they serve cuddly animals?


hart5.jpg (60268 bytes)

Well, there you have it. Once again the Reporting Team bring you the pure, unvarnished truth.

Stuff what CAMRA say.

As far as we concerned, the White Hart is the 

Pub Of The Year

Thank you for your attention during this public information broadcast.

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