12 September 2003

We Will Fight Them On The Beaches .....

So quoth Winston Churchill in 1940 and after 63 years those words have finally come true.

For, so almost quoth Penwith beach manager and chief lifeguard, Phil Drew, after complaining about the increase in verbal abuse and threats of violence directed at lifeguards by "the great unwashed".

Penwith is looking into ways of more efficiently controlling and policing the areas beaches in the future. We say ..... just don't bother having any lifeguards and let the emmets look after themselves!

If the Cap Fits .....

Three nearby towns, Redruth and Camborne (quelle surprise) and (shock horror) Cornwall's capital, Truro, have been nominated in the Idler magazine as three of the most crap places to live in Britain.

The glowing tributes from residents included:-

Truro - 'the ultimate, boring, ugliest place on earth'.

Camborne - 'everything you've ever heard about Essex'.

Redruth - 'appears to have been burnt down and boarded up'.

They don't mention that in the tourist brochures, do they? No wonder everyone comes to St. Ives!

Oh Dear!

Sadly, despite our best attempts to promote the indigenous wildlife down here, not all humans can quite manage the intelligence levels of the Reporting Team.

Nowhere was this better evidence than in this week's West Briton which featured a photo relating to the Troon Methodist Church autumn fair and a fiendishly difficult competition they ran.

See, how good you are at cracking the conundrum:-

The caption under the photo explained that it showed a local sprog and the subject matter of the 'Guess The Name Of The Teddy' competition.

Click on the little icon below if you are feeling lucky, punk!

poo.jpg (29793 bytes)

I wonder how long it took someone to win!

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