13 December 2002

Better Late Than Never

One bright light in a week of endless night was the arrival of the rest of the Reporting Team. Yes, for those who thought we were over-staffed in the under-stuffed department it's bad news.

Having decided to explore every crevice of the planet (or to be more precise, having made the serious mistake of following the Shauns' directions!) the rest of the Reporting Team had been stranded several miles short of St. Ives until the recent wet weather gave them an opportunity at last. They portaged their coracle to head of the Stennack and then whitewater-rafted their way to Trans to finally catch up with their colleagues.

"Hello. Did we miss anything?"

Latest additions to the Spooky St. Ives Reporting Team

Things Can Only Get Better?

No other news.

Well, none particularly worth reporting.

Had a moderately worse week than Cherie Blair.



Oh, just bugger off and leave me alone.

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