15 February 2002

Who Let The Hogs Out?

Controversy continues to rage over the recent installation of a load of bollards on the Wharf. Opinion is split between Oberkommando Transport at Cornwall County Council, who think they are a good idea, and everybody else, who don't!

These 'pedestrian safety improvements' have been witnessed by the reporting team causing vehicles to take to driving on the pavement in order to get round delivery vans. (In deed, scurrilous photographs of such activities appeared in today's Times & Echo. The source of the pictures are unknown, or uncredited, although a spokesreporter for the paper did let slip that the incriminating evidence had been handed to them anonymously by two blue hedgehogs. Strange. Who could have done such a thing?). Anyway, this state of affairs would appear, to our limited understanding of safety issues, to be not very safe for pedestrians.

Of course, it could be pointed out that the aforementioned pedestrians will not be inconvenienced by vehicles driving on the pavement as they will be walking on the road where it has been cordoned off by the bollards. Or that's the theory but a lot of people down here think that once the tourist season kicks off the shops, cafes, street traders, etc. will annex these areas thus forcing the pedestrians back on to the road. (Obviously they won't be able to use the pavement for fear of being run over but at least will have a fighting chance on the road where the majority of vehicles won't actually be moving).

If that is supposed to make sense, then I don't want to be sane!

'Alf A Seal (Is Better Than None)

If this all seems like a little bit of (local) history repeating itself, then, congratulations on paying attention when you looked up this site. A young male grey seal was rescued from Porthgwidden last Friday by the Seal Sanctuary bods. The seal had got its flipper caught up in a fishing net but was whisked to the Sanctuary for a routine flipperectomy and is well on the (sea)road to recovery.

Black Day At Bad Rock

Sorry, it's just a short bulletin this week. This is partially due to there not being that much worthwhile news to report but mostly due to the fact I have had a very poo day and didn't have much time to get the site updates done.

In addition to a disintegrating back door, which resulted in me flitting across to Penzance in search of replacement bits, I then found that something (don't ask me, I don't understand these things) had gone horribly wrong with my back up files for Spooky St. Ives. This meant that I've wasted half the afternoon trying to resurrect a door and a website and so haven't had much time for doing new bits.

In fact, I have yet to ascertain whether the resuscitated website will work when I upload it. So, if you aren't reading this, let me know.

Off to the Sloop now for beer and the Meat Draw. I may be some time!

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